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International Migratory Bird Day

Today is International Migratory Bird Day.

House Sparrow

For a few weeks in the spring and fall, migratory bird research and bird tagging has taken place at the National Museum of Natural History, the Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, and the National Gallery of Art.

Here is a list of the birds observed:

American crow, American goldfinch, American redstart, American robin, Baltimore oriole, Barn swallow, Black and white warbler, Blue-gray gnatcatcher, Brown-headed cowbird, Blue jay, Brown thrasher, Carolina chickadee, Canada goose, Carolina wren, Chimney swift, Common grackle, Common yellowthroat, Chestnut sided warbler, Downy woodpecker, Eastern kingbird, European starling, Fish crow, Gray catbird, House finch, House sparrow, House wren, Killdeer, Mallard, Mourning dove, Northern cardinal, Northern mockingbird, Ovenbird, Ring billed gull, Ruby-crowned kinglet, Rock dove, Red tailed hawk, Song sparrow, Veery, White crowned sparrow, Worm eating warbler, White throated sparrow, Yellow breasted chat, Yellow rumped warbler, and the Northern (Yellow shafted) flicker

On the list there are quite a few species that normally inhabit more natural habitats. These were seen or caught during migration and the birds likely used the urban garden habitats for refueling on their way north or south.

What birds do you see around your home or office? Be sure to visit the Urban Bird Habitat currently being installed at the National Museum of Natural History to discover what birds visit.

James Gagliardi, Horticulturist

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